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If you are looking for an older kitten or a retired cat which is in need of a new home, please take a look at the Rehome List. This lists cats available from members of the Southern British Shorthair Cat Club and rescue organisations. If current Members wish to be listed on the Breeders, Kitten or Rehome List then please contact the club Secretary or the Webmaster
I am having to move back to Scotland from Hampton in Middlesex and have just found out I am not going to be able to have my cats with me in my new home.  I am urgently in need of someone to foster or permanently home my cats.  I am renting for six months during which time I will be looking for a home to buy.  If someone is available to foster the cats until I find a home that would be wonderful, but I fully accept that if I am offered a permanent home for my cats I must think of the cats interests and let them go. Willow is an 8 year old Pedigree Black Tortie British Shorthair whom I've had since she was 10 months.  Her companion is a 5 year old female Maine Coon / Burmese cross called Bella.  I have attached photos of both. Both fully vaccinated happy cats.  They should ideally be rehomed together but if homing apart is the only option then both will require quiet homes as they have not been used to children or a noisy environment. Please let me know if you can help, I am running out of time and leave in 2 weeks.  I was under the impression there was no problem the cats coming with me but the landlord has just said "no" today to any cats.  I am obviously devastated. I am moving to Scotland, Stirlingshire so if the cats are fostered they can be fostered anywhere in the country.  I would collect as soon as I have a permanent home again.  If they are adopted I will provide any information necessary. Both are currently insured with Petplan and do not suffer any medical problems.

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We are desperate to find a loving home for our cat Flora, she is a white british shorthair very gentle and pretty but seems to have reacted very badly to me having to be out at work all day as I used to be at home, she has started weeing all over the house and just sits under a table all evening looking very despondent , she is 12 years old and lives with one other cat and is happy around children, she is really an indoor cat but will go outside for a wee if she is let out.  She just needs a home where she can be on a lap or curled up next to someone a lot of the day, I think she would probably prefer to be an only cat although we have another cat and they don’t fight or seem to have any issues.  We just want her to have a home where she can get lots of fuss as she is such a gentle old thing, my children used to carry her around like a baby but she just seems so miserable now there's no one at home much, if someone thinks they can give her a good home I am of course happy for them to come and see her if they want to.  She is microchipped, she has a missing tooth at the front but is otherwise fit and healthy so far as we are aware and has never had any health issues.


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